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  • Whole courses built-in hours, not weeks
  • Bite-sized learning cards for better retention
  • Video and audio built-in
  • Quizzes, games and assignments
  • Full reporting and learner management
  • Low cost per user / learner with unlimited modules and content

Are you looking for a cheaper and more effective alternative or add-on to live training?

Welcome to a new type of learning and knowledge transfer, where lean training is effective training. We call it bite-sized learning or micro-learning. 

Here, every word, picture, video and audiocast counts. A lean approach to training has many of advantages for you and your employees.

And it produces tangible results. Ideal for:

  • Sales and product training
  • Customer service and procedures
  • Retail skills, exhibitions and security
  • Induction and processes
  • IT and system training

Smart phone-based eLearning can be developed in days not weeks and combines video, audio, quizzes, gamification, flashcards, spaced repetition and text.  The great thing about mobile phones is that people are always using them!Plus changes and updates can created and set out daily.

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Why Smartphone learning?

Our world is full of distractions. As a result, attention spans have decreased dramatically. Long training sessions do not cater to our new way of life. We need a new way to learn, using microlearning and smartphone technology.

  • Micro-assessments are a powerful tool for various compliance scenarios.
  • Gamification elements allow for healthy and engaging competition among learners.
  • Multimedia extensions (audio, pictures, videos) turn your cards to a gateway of rich learning

What is microlearning?
Microlearning is a learning approach ideally suited for skills, process and memory training. It involves stripping down a skill or idea to its most essential parts - and only teaching those. Consequently, microlearning courses are highly focused and made up of bite-sized exercises.

Bite-sized exercises or “learning nuggets” are at the core of microlearning. In fact, everything about microlearning is shorter, quicker and sharper than traditional long-form learning methods.

Smartphone-based microlearning is Ideal for the modern learner. According to Deloitte’s influential 2014 “Meet the Modern Learner” study, employees have only about 20 minutes a week to focus on training and development.


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