Live workshop and eLearning course

How to write better, clearer and more personal emails, online messages and documents.

“Great course, really practical and learnt so much more than I expected.”

Why this course is essential - Emails and online chat are the new phone calls! 

This practical one-day in-house workshop will give you the short-cuts and knowledge that will help you to:

  • Save time when writing or replying to customer emails or writing formal documents.
  • Use prove and practical ways to write, edit and proof all your written work.
  • Impress customers by writing with more accuracy, clarity and brevity.

The course includes lots of really practical exercises, discussions plus feedback from your trainer and others. 

(Please bring examples of your documents and emails to work on!)

Business Writing Skills Course outline

One-day training course with free eLearning modules for follow-up

Available either in-house or as open course – call for dates and details

The training  covers all aspects of preparing, writing, proofing, editing and producing high-quality documents, reports and emails. 


Business writing 1: Objectives, planning, type and structure

  • Openings and endings – starting off right and ending correctly – with examples.
  • Expressing your points clearly and clarifying your aim and objectives.
  • Seven principles of effective business writing with best-practice examples.

Business writing 2: Editing skills and proofreading techniques

  • Quick quiz - how good is your English knowledge?
  • Editing techniques and skills practice 
  • Proofreading tips, tricks and short-cuts

Business writing 3: Email etiquette and email best practice

  • Email etiquette – the ten do’s and don’ts of email sending.
  • Rules and standards for better emails.
  • When to use the telephone or face to face conversations instead of an email.

Business writing 4: Personal practice 

  • This is a practical session with one-to-one consultation with colleagues and the course trainer.

Application: Learning summary

  • Exercise: Participants work individually to summarise their personal learning points and action plan to take away.

Available as an affordable in house training and eLearning course, customised for free.


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