Brilliant Customer Service Training - Public Course

Training course - £199 per person plus VAT in Milton Keynes and London

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The focus of this engaging one-day live training course is to develop practical and proven ways of improving customer service and support standards. 

This includes:

  • Improved communication skills by phone, face to face and email
  • Greater consistency professionalism, ownership and accountability
  • Managing expectations for improved customer satisfaction

About this customer service training

The course is interactive, fast-paced and highly participative, using the latest learning techniques to help capture and keep everyone’s one’s attention throughout the day!

It will use examples taken from learner’s own experience and their customer situations, making every learning point relevant and practical. Plus, the course contains many up-to-date case-studies. 

All learners will complete a written action-plan of the most important ideas, skills, ideas and learning points from the day. This can be used for effective follow-through after the training.

Who will benefit?

All staff who work directly with customers all support those that do. Suitable for internal and external customer support. 

Key learning objectives include

  1. How to use the specific skills, mindset and behaviours required to deliver excellent service.
  2. Be able to apply the SPECIAL model so you can easily meet and exceed customer expectations.
  3. Skills to better manage customer expectations so you can deliver more than you promise, every time and all the time. 
  4. Practice using proven customer communication skills to shorten calls and improve customer experience.
  5. Be able to apply advanced questioning techniques to solve customer problems faster and more effectively.
  6. Handle customer dissatisfaction with confidence by learning to respond and stay focused in a really positive way.
  7. How to personalise calls, emails and your solutions based on customer preferences.
  8. Understand how to recognise and adapt to different customer types.

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