Partnership opportunity - business skills training, coaching and consulting.

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Brilliant Customer Service Offers you an exceptional opportunity to become a Consulting Partner with the UK’s Leading Corporate Customer Service Consultancy. 

In at the Start

Brilliant Customer Service is a well established and highly respected B2B specialist consulting firm and after many years of success, are now looking to expand by appointing a limited number of carefully selected Consulting Partners in certain areas throughout the UK.

A High-Margin Affordable Business Opportunity

Being appointed as a Consulting Partner would mean, starting a highly profitable niche-market business with average earnings of £800 per day. 

You will be able to provide a much-needed and value-added service to businesses of all types and size. 

Work-life Balance Protected

Further, you will be able to work full or part-time, with full administration and business support, from home and with the added benefit of being fully flexible.

Every Business is a Prospect…. Literally

Whilst a specialist service, Brilliant Customer Service’s USP is the service it offers; with little direct competition and multi-sector versatility. It offers great appeal to both SMEs and large enterprises alike – providing an almost unlimited and unchallenged opportunity. The fact is that many businesses lack the skills, knowledge and attitude to develop their sales and customer service expertise without help. You can become that person who helps them.

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Key points

  1. Highly respected and specialist consulting, coaching and training service.
  2. Make a difference to both employees and organisations…and their customers!
  3. Expertise and analysis using our systems, models and tools.
  4. Professional and much-needed service.
  5. Our services are suited for companies of all sizes and sectors.
  6. Work for yourself but with the benefit of training and business support.
  7. Excellent job satisfaction.
  8. Ability to unite your skills with ours
  9. A service that allows for full or part time participation.
  10. The ability to work from home should you wish, with no geographic restrictions.

Contact Us

To find out more about the Brilliant Customer Service Franchise, please contact us for more information.

Brilliant Customer Service

The Pinnacle, 170 Midsummer Blvd, Milton Keynes MK9 1BP

03333 234 744

More About the Brilliant Customer Service Partnership

Become a valued and respected specialist training, coach and consultant.

Brilliant Customer Service offer businesses an effective way to improve their customer service experience, competitiveness and sales productivity, creating the result every company looks to achieve - enhanced cash flow and an overall increase in profit 

Most importantly, the improvements and enhancements Brilliant Customer Service provides, are at the core of any business. 

You will be able to provide:

  • Expert consulting using Brilliant Customer Service’s unique copyrighted systems and tools to conduct a customer service or sales SWOT analysis to identify ways to improve any business or internal support team.
  • Small-group training workshops that you will be fully trained on, four essential and skill-boosting workshops covering service, sales, communication and productivity.
  • One-to-one skills coaching for managers and staff using our proven IP.
  • Ready-made and bespoke eLearning using our development teams and latest micro-learning technology,

Your Experience Plus Our Expertise

An ideal candidate will have at least five years experience in sales, marketing or business development functions, providing an exceptional opportunity for ambitious sales and account management professionals.

Experience in consulting, training or coaching could also be of benefit but not essential as full training is provided.

Brilliant Customer Service’s success is only measured by the success of its Consulting Partners.  So, the support system put in place is beyond compare, providing the best in initial training, ongoing training, to full business administration, marketing and business support.  This gives you the very best chance for success in achieving their short, medium and long-term goals.

The ideal partner must have outstanding references and possess excellent communication skills.

For more information, including a PDF brochure, please call

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